Aircraft Registration

Whether a client is purchasing a new or a used aircraft, or simply re-registering an existing aviation asset, RegisterAnAircraft will liaise with aircraft manufacturers, dealers and brokers at all stages of the process.

RANA is able to advise on the most appropriate registry for your aircraft. Issues such as the cost of registration, ease of process, geographical location and language will all need to be considered. In addition to its comprehensive knowledge base, RANA benefits from its established contacts with aircraft registries in Europe, the Caribbean and elsewhere.


The large majority of corporate aircraft remain registered where their owners are based and in their principal spheres of operation. However, there is a sizeable and growing group of ‘geographically mobile’ owners, usually operating internationally who are keen to look at other jurisdictions which perhaps offer distinct advantages.

The number of jurisdictions launching registries or opening up the eligibility criteria for existing registers continues to grow.  Whilst the registration process in each case is broadly similar, each registry aims to offer a unique selling point and these factors may need to be taken into account when making a decision on where to register:

  • Ease of process and customer service
  • Acceptability to financial institutions
  • Ability to register a mortgage
  • Cost
  • Potential tax advantages
  • Recognition of technical standards
  • Crew licensing
  • Minimum aircraft age/MTOW
  • Neutral registration marks
  • Acceptance of corporate structure
  • Nationality/residence of the owner
  • Geographical location of the register

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