Guernsey registers 100th aircraft

In a further major landmark for Guernsey, 2-REG added its 100th aircraft on 17 March. As we have reported previously, the registry has been very successful in tapping into the market for registering dormant commercial airliners – acting as a “safe haven” in between operational leases. The 100th aircraft was another example – a previously Chinese-registered Boeing 737 that has already been de-registered for export to the US where it will be joining the huge fleet of Dallas-based Southwest Airlines. Registration of these dormant airliners represents roughly 60% of the aircraft added by 2-REG. The registry has seen limited numbers of corporate jets with a total of five aircraft currently under 2- marks. Expectation is high however that this figure will increase with the introduction of AOCs under the new legislation aimed at attracting commercial operators to register in Guernsey.

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