Slide in Russian business aviation traffic confirmed

Data provided by the Russian United Business Aviation Association (RUBAA) confirms the stark slide in traffic since 2014. Speaking at the 9th International Business Aviation Forum in Moscow on September 7, RUBAA chairman Alexander Kuleshov said 26,660 business jet flights has used Russia’s busiest gateways in 2014. This had fallen to 22,893 in 2015 and 20,467 in 2016 (figures for the first three quarters). The number of passengers carried on these flights was 88,052, 73,692 and 65,138, respectively. Perhaps the most striking statistic was the reduction in flights by foreign operators – down by 34%, from 21,394 in Q1-2 of 2014 to 14,169 in Q1-2 of 2016. However this decrease had been partially offset by a 22% increase in flights by Russian operators.

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