Bombardier launches ‘Certified Pre-owned’ programme

Bombardier is hoping to improve the options for clients looking to acquire pre-owned aircraft that it has manufactured. The Montreal-based OEM has launched a ‘Certified Pre-owned’ programme, offering a ‘like new’ offering to clients including a one-year manufacturer guarantee and operational support. Globals, Challengers and Learjets – many of which will have been traded in to the manufacturer as part of the acquisition process for newer models – will be offered under the programme. It will also offer other aircraft obtained through the open market. Bombardier VP pre-owned aircraft services Chris Milligan said: “As life gradually begins to return to normal, the supply of business jets across the industry has been outpaced by demand. A Bombardier Certified Pre-owned aircraft provides the buyers with the highest quality preowned product, equipped with the latest safety and cabin enhancements, while providing the new aircraft delivery experience customers are looking for.”

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