Huge demand for aviation professionals by 2033

There is predicted to be a global requirement for 1.3 million new aviation professionals over the next decade, according to Canadian aviation training specialist, CAE. This significant demand will be driven by expected growth in commercial and business aviation markets, retirements, attrition and industry expansion.

In its 2023 Aviation Talent Forecast, CAE projects that more than half of the total figure – 599,000 – will be cabin crew required by the commercial airlines but bizav will also have a substantial requirement. CAE projects an 18% growth in the bizav fleet over the next nine years – from 22,000 to 26,000 aircraft.

This expansion in business aviation will require an additional 106,000 staff to join the sector – 32,000 pilots and 74,000 maintenance technicians. The growth clearly reflects continued growth in the sector compared to pre-pandemic levels and combines with an ‘ageing workforce’, particularly pilots where a sizeable percentage of the workforce is over 50 years of age.

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