Aruba – aircraft auction demonstrates benefits of P4- registration

The Registry of Aruba, which operates the P4 prefix, used the recent auction of an Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) that was on the register to promote registration in the Dutch Caribbean island. A press release issued on 17 July – titled “Public sale of frozen assets: Successful aircraft auction highlights the benefits of registration and financing in Aruba” ¬– said the aircraft was owned by an individual who was subject to sanctions relating to Ukraine, placing him in default of his obligations to a European financier. The financier had established a right of first mortgage under Aruba law to secure the financing and the aircraft was auctioned successfully on 15 June by the Court of First Instance of Aruba, which issued a decision documenting the sale and transferring the proceeds. This granted the buyer clear title and enabled seamless re-registration in Aruba, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of the Aruba aircraft registry system.

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