Corporate registers – 2024 numbers

This month we publish our annual survey of aircraft under registration in a number of jurisdictions that are popular for the hosting of corporate jets and airliners. The data has once again been compiled by RANA from both official and unofficial sources.

Analysis of base figures is of course subjective, but some clear trends can be discerned from the data. The numbers under registry now appear to have settled following the numerous de-registrations and movements last year in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the widespread implementation of international sanctions. And the Aruba and San Marino registries have enjoyed the greatest success purely in terms of numbers.

Both registries are operated on behalf of their respective governments by the Aircraft Registry Group (ARG). The San Marino Aircraft Registry (SMAR) in particular has continued to see sustained growth in the number of corporate jets registered based on the effective promotion of its costs, customer service and wide acceptance of international crew and technical aircraft standards. The SMAR has also, along with Malta, taken advantage of the personalisation opportunities afforded by the change in permitted registration format. This has resulted in new entries including T7-P1MP (G650), T7-AZIZI (Global 6000) and T7-58GG (Falcon 2000).

The table shows the figures as of February 2023/February 2024 (or latest available).

Registry Corporate jets Corporate airliners (incl. Legacy 600/650, Lineage, Challenger 850)
Aruba (P4) 37/48 23/22
Bermuda (VP/VQ-B)41/39 34/26
Cayman (VP-C) 121/112 36/28
Guernsey (2) 57/57 4/4
Ireland (EI/EJ) 15/12 1/1
Isle of Man (M) 183/184 14/11
Malta (9H) 203/211 48/47
San Marino (T7) 181/216 35/37

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