Part-NCC draws ever closer

The new EASA European regulations, which come into force on 25 August this year, will have a huge impact on the corporate aviation market. The Part-NCC (Non-Commercial Complex) rule will place obligations on all non-commercial operators of “complex motor-powered” aircraft – fixed wing aircraft with an MTOW in excess of 5,700kg or rotorcraft weighing above 3,175kg.

The regulations will apply where aircraft are either registered in an EASA state – all 28 EU member states, as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein – or where the operator is established or resides in an EASA state, even if the aircraft is registered elsewhere. It will also affect “third country” operators from the rest of the world who operate aircraft into Europe.

Part-NCC is designed to oblige non-commercial operators – those without an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) – to demonstrate that they have systems in place to implement and monitor regulatory safety and operational standards. In the UK, for example, operators must submit a declaration to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) about their operation, which includes details of aircraft, operational and continuing airworthiness schedules. The operator will also need to have an operator’s manual in place along with a safety management system (SMS). These systems will be subject to audit and regular inspection. Failure to comply with the regulations will be a criminal offence and could lead to withdrawal of insurance cover and grounding of the aircraft. For more information –

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