Interior work for the Aerion AS2

Aerion Corporation, the Nevada-based supersonic technology specialist, is currently working with UK-based Design Q to develop the innovative cabin interiors for its AS2 supersonic business jet. Aerion entered into a collaboration with Airbus Group in 2014 to develop the Aerion AS2 Mach 1.5 supersonic jet. Engineering is underway with first flight planned for 2021 and entry into service in 2023.
Design Q is a specialist in automotive and aviation design, and won acclaim in 2014 for a full scale Global 7000 mock-up created for Bombardier. “The opportunity to participate in the design of a supersonic business jet thrills our whole organisation,” said CEO of Design Q Howard Guy. “We are brimming with ideas for making the AS2 cabin the most exciting and desirable interior environment in business aviation.”
Design Q has built a full-scale engineering mock-up of the AS2 interior at its studio in Redditch, England, which Aerion is using to assess possible configurations for cockpit and cabin. “The mock-up provides an experience that is not possible looking at a 3D model on a computer,” said Aerion CEO Doug Nichols. “Stepping inside was instant confirmation that we would be able to offer the customer not only an incredibly fast airplane, but the ultimate passenger experience.”

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