Dassault reports, forecasts and plans

French manufacturer Dassault Aviation reviewed its performance in 2018 in a recent media briefing, as well as setting out its expectations for the coming year and its perceptions as to the current state of the business jet market.

Dassault delivered 41 Falcons in 2018 and expects to hand over a further 45 in 2019. The company took a total of 42 net orders compared to 38 in 2017. Total revenue generated in 2018 was €5.08 billion in 2018 against €4.876 billion in 2017, while operating profit surged to €669 million against €357 million in 2017, an increase of 87.4%.

Chairman and CEO Eric Trappier noted a slight recovery in the global market saying: “It is not a boom in this market because the world economy is uncertain, but the US, Europe and Russia remain quite dynamic. And Asia too, except China.”

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