2-REG – the Guernsey register in numbers

The Guernsey Aircraft Register, branded as ‘2-REG’, was established in 2013 following the failure of negotiations with the neighbouring Channel Island of Jersey to set up a joint aircraft registry. In the years that followed 2-REG has exploited a niche market – the temporary registration of commercial airliners between leases – and has also grown a sizeable traditional register. An analysis of the latest official register, published on 1 September, has produced some enlightening statistics. There are 251 aircraft current on the Guernsey register. Nearly 43% of the register (or 107 aircraft) is made up of dormant commercial airliners, which range in size from the Airbus A340-600 to the ATR72 twin turboprop. The register also hosts 39 corporate jets (or 15.5%), along with 20 single and twin corporate turboprops. Setting aside the remaining general aviation singles and twin pistons, 2-REG has also registered some 22 helicopters that remain current. 

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