Q2 OEM deliveries rebound sharply

Each of the five largest business aircraft OEMs have reported their Q2 sales figures, with most recording substantial increases over deliveries for the same period in 2020. Levels are now equalling or exceeding pre-pandemic levels.

Canada’s Bombardier delivered 29 jets in Q2 2021 (against 20 in Q2 2020), including no fewer than 11 examples of its Global 7500 flagship, together with six Globals, nine Challengers and three Learjets.

Gulfstream delivered only 21 jets (18 large jets and three mid-cabin), down from 32 in the same period in 2020. This fall was anticipated as the US manufacturer was forced to adjust production due to supply chain issues.

Brazil’s Embraer delivered 20 jets (against 13 in Q2 2020), comprising 11 Phenom 300, five Praetor 600, three Praetor 500 and a single Phenom 100.

Textron almost doubled deliveries in Q2 2021, with 44 jets (including seven Latitudes and five Longitudes), up from 23 in Q2 last year, and 33 King Air turboprops, up from 15 last year.

French manufacturer Dassault (which reports on a half-yearly basis) delivered just six Falcon business jets in the H1 2021, down from 16 in the same period of 2020, but took orders for 25 jets (worth €1.413 billion), up from five orders (worth €669 million) in H1 2020.

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