The NBAA view – “The future of business aviation has never looked brighter”

Ed Bolen, President and CEO of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), is a serial optimist. His opening message at the group’s White Plains Regional Forum was: “The future of business aviation has never looked brighter.”

Bolen’s reasons for optimism are wide-ranging and numerous. In terms of numbers, bizav operations continue to increase as the industry recovers from the pandemic. The sector has seen a large number of first time users of bizav, attracted by the risk advantages over commercial airports. A large proportion of those new users are staying loyal, further widening the bizav client base.

Bolen also pointed to the neat dovetail between business aviation and advanced air mobility (AAM) – with the potential use of such craft to feed the on-demand nature of business aviation. The challenge of embracing sustainable fuels and technologies will also provide bizav with an injection of innovation and personnel.

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