NBAA at 70

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) was founded on 13 February 1947 as a loose federation of 19 entities aiming to promote corporate aviation standards, professionalism and access to airports throughout the US. Today the NBAA boasts some 11,000 members and plays host to the world’s largest corporate aviation event – the annual convention currently alternating between Las Vegas and Orlando. It also promotes business aviation to a wider international market through co-sponsorship of events in Europe and Asia.

NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen said: “As we celebrate NBAA’s 70th anniversary, we should acknowledge the investment in business aviation made by our predecessors, but also understand the value of continuing to work together for the industry’s benefit. That includes exciting young people about the future of business aviation, as well as making sure that policymakers and opinion leaders understand its importance and value to our economy and transportation system. It also includes continuing the great humanitarian work our industry does every day.”

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