Bizav groups warn of online charter fraud

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a clear increase in demand for private charter flights, which give passengers assured travel during difficult times. One side effect of this has been a notable increase in online fraud. Both the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) and the Air Charter Association (ACA) have warned both new and experienced customers to be careful when searching for flights. EBAA COO Robert Balthus said: “Our advice for operators, brokers, and end-users is to be vigilant … Verify bank details before making payment transfers and, above all, listen to your instincts and check with an independent source such as EBAA or the ACA. If it feels wrong, it invariably is.” ACA CEO Dave Edwards added that “Alongside this rise in private jet charter, there has been an increase in fraudsters to steal money from unsuspecting travelers and criminals trying to enter the chain. They are paying significant amounts of money to get high Google Ad search engine ratings and funnel unsuspecting customers to these fake websites.”

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