VistaJet promotes corporate membership and its ‘Private World’

Specialist programme operator VistaJet, which has reported a 50% increase in corporate enquiries for private jet travel since the start of the pandemic, has launched a new offering for corporations in response to changing travel demands brought about by Covid-19. ‘Dynamic Corporate Membership’ aims to meet this demand by providing maximum accessibility and flexibility, as well as enhanced safety protocols.

Members will have access to VistaJet’s fleet of Bombardier aircraft on a short-notice, as-needed basis, but with a much-reduced minimum cost and the ability to pay for hours flown in arrears. In addition, a dedicated VistaJet flight manager can be based in the corporate’s own headquarters and a flight attendant will be assigned to a single client to minimise Covid-19 exposure.

Chief commercial officer Ian Moore said: “We want to offer companies maximum flexibility with minimum commitment, as we recognise the need for safer and more reliable solutions as companies look to build back their business for the future.”

In a further assure its clients of a safe, seamless door-to-door service, the Malta-based company has also unveiled its ‘Private World’ – a carefully chosen selection of partners and deluxe properties around the world. It says that it has “opened up its black book” of hotels, yachts, estates, ski resorts and islands, coupled with the use of its fleet of some 70 aircraft.

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