Airbus Corporate Jets analyses the US bizjet fleet

Analysis of industry data produced by Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) has revealed that 14,632 private jets – or 62.5% of the entire global fleet – are registered in the US. The analysis naturally focused on ‘heavy or long-range’ jets, a sector in which ACJ has a growing suite of aircraft and which represents some 37.5% of the total. Sean McGeough, Head of Airbus Corporate Jets North America, emphasised this point by stating: “With our ACJ TwoTwenty and its compelling proposition of ultimate comfort with superior economics, we are well positioned to capitalise on this growth.” The ACJ TwoTwenty launched in October 2020 and represents what ACJ describes as ‘The Xtra Large Bizjet – XLB’.

Drilling down into the analysis reveals some interesting data. In addition to the ‘heavy or long-range’ category, 20.5% of the entire global fleet are listed as ‘midsize’, 36.5% as ‘light jets’ and just 5.5% as ‘very light jets’. McGeough said: “Because of the huge size of the US and its importance on the global stage, over one-third of private jets registered in the country are categorised as heavy or ultra-long range, which is where we focus. We expect to see strong demand from owners of private jets looking to upgrade to newer models, and we are seeing more potential first-time buyers of larger private jets.”

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